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Line two woman

December 9, 2009

Line two woman In life, there are some women not perfect, their status is a bit more modest, appearance nearly, pierce through first line old brand, husband that might look for counted as highest grade to be top either, but they are alive and very happy, it is very relaxed, there is a prospect very much. Seeming a little American, there are a little oneselves, a little is innocent, it is enough for her to live   If life attitude one definition to give them, one Hollywood star very brief to produce secret while being genuine: " first line "  It is a red carpet, " Line two " It is the daily life. In life, there are always few first line women, the great majority are Line two women, but so what? We ordinary women, make money according to one's own skill, have a daydream once in a while, have woken up and gone straight towards the fairly comfortable life in dream. Non- full of remorse, not giving oneself up as hopeless, but interest is dressing up oneself and life daring and energetically high, we ourselves are relaxed such life, attracting those outstanding men even more too! And you should know, ordinary and happy life is that a lot of first line women can not envy that came!

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