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Give marriage kind reason

July 11, 2009

Give marriage kind reason The development in an all-round way strives for a relatively comfortable life, construct the harmonious society, it is the goal that we pursue. The standard of living has reached the well-to-do level, is the society harmonious? Undeniable, playing a very important role to progress of the society richly of the material. However, as regards a certain meaning, the harmony of the family is society's harmonious important foundation stone. It is family's harmonious requirement that the happiness of the marriage is stabilized. The family is the cells of the society, what the happy index of the family is reflected is the civilization intensity of the society. The first need of people's is needs of surviving, must be based on certain material. Exactly so-called diet men and women, couple of rice and fuel, there is not the most basic material, not just surviving, any aspiration ideal, family are happy, no matter how a wild boast you speak, fantasy that the final all only fight only on paper. The reform of last century, brought about an social advance, solved people's most basic adequate food and clothing of existence. More than 30 years passed by, people's living standard attained a new height, a lot of families march toward well-to-do level era gradually. The development speed of the material progress is close to terrifically, the rich material has not caused the happy soil, today developed day by day in the material progress, the spiritual civilization gets corresponding development too. However, some people's concept, value orientation are reversed seriously, the happy index of the family has not been improved with development of the society, some once happy marriages have been pushed to the teeth of the storm too, when being precarious. If marriage grave of love, why have so many person would rather enter? If the marriage is the happy palace, why will so many sad and gentle and sad, disappointed and even desperate expressions in one's eyes appear absurdly? Pining lovers once, now like birds flying in different directions, go straight west east each, such a story is being nearly performed every day. Getting used to each in this world to shut jointly, as to the marriage, people are vast and hazy, is puzzled. The love is beautiful and simple, the marriage is much more complicated. Move towards the marriage from the love, it is far from that only beautiful lens that the camera is presented to common people, relaxation, graceful, coloured and dazzling. Motive that both sides get married, all dark to influence the happy index in the future deeply. There are enough reasons in associations of every marriage. Parents the advanced in years,but when when care for,from at the not chattering of parents, let's find out by they the heavy loads of the shoulders. Shouldn't let parents worry about by oneself, get married, settle their wish, this is fulfilling one's duty to one's parents of another form; Around good friend one enter, encircle a city, already existing life circle slow to diminish, disappear even while being slow, feel lonely lonely, love of wishing eagerly, and love, want, have one's own family, may when frightening at least, in weariness, there is a warm berthing the harbour; It is the most important that the man thinks women lovely, it is the most important that it is reliable that the woman thinks men, feeling that absense makes the heart grow fonder that really have; There are too many trival matters in life, sometimes a person of oneself is unable to face, clear, needed a helper originally. The world is fast changing, the heart is floated, the changes of the personality, position, background, the once marriage reason seems unseasonable, all reasons may disappear, the marriage without emotion is to all tormenting each other, it is unavoidable to divorce. People say " one hundred things of poor and lowly couple are sad " ,Because divorce in poverty, such an example really exists. Life is realistic after all, it would not help matters for all illusion. At extremely poor moment, all sorts of contradictions are shown especially, the minor matter of the trifles can develop into the war too, the love can not solve the substantive problem. Different life In fifty or sixty times last century, it is an extremely rare thing to divorce. Who who has divorced, guilty of heterodoxy in others' view, should be universally condemned. Influenced by spring tide of market economy, there are too many all parameters, the marriage is no exception. Talk about divorcing now, people have already faced the fearful with no fears. Perhaps people will ask, the society has progressed, economic development, people's living standard has been improved, normally, having broken away from the poverty, the marriage should be firmer. But why is divorce rate higher and higher? Hardly realizing the rising of the divorce rate is rich exactly. " think of excessive desire fully and warmly "  ,Have enough money to indulge oneself, accept, seek external enticement. How to carry marriage through to the end? It is the love at first, there is responsibility. Love foundation to maintain marriage, some seemingly dull marriage, help each other when both are in humble circumstances all one's life, from abandon. All because of loving. Because of loving, understand; Because of understanding, treasure; Because of treasuring, move; Because of moving, insist on. Because of loving, have a responsibility for the family, for family. A lot of marriages of last century are dominated by parents, but can be permanent. Why is this? Instead of like also not so good as saying it is because of responsibilitying. Because of responsibility, must give to an intact family of child. Will be one part more to forgive, will accept the other side wholeheartedly. Have love, have responsibility, how manage marriage is one difficult thing very.

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