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Don’t meet again

December 9, 2009

Don't meet again Lover who has already said good-bye, don't meet again either in remaining years.  You and that section of feelings of his are not worth aftertasting at all, why meet again? The scene of this kind of reunion will only make everybody unhappy. You see he is old, live a less than satisfactory life, you are happpy you left him that year. However, after saying goodbye to him, you are deep one's own and merciless and guilty. This kind of feeling is too uncomfortable, not so good as don't meet again. You meet him again, find he remoulds oneself thoroughly, and you are not very satisfactory. Let him see that live unhappily in life that you will leave him afterwards, where can your dignity be still put? Not so good as don't meet again. The past a section of feelings imprinted on the bones and inscribed on the memory, you were accidental will also remember him, you would like to know too what if he turns into nowed, have a good time in life. As you go to those places that you often went in the past, a heart of yours will also beat, you will think: "Will I run into him here? " Such being the case, too don't meet again in remaining years. You meet less than he again forever, beautiful memory will live forever, in the heart, see he, but the result may be different. He is not that person in the past, you appreciated his intelligence most in the past, but, at this moment meeting again, you find, he has not progressed. You think you if let you see him again, you will certainly not let him leave, today, having let you see, you find it is not that matter, I wonder when to begin, you have already lost that to feel to him, you have not loved him for a long time. Then disappointed to meet again, is equal to destroying one's own memory personally, the thing of chilly acid how is that? Why can't forget Yu JiangHu?

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